Don’t Just Sit There, Brew Something!


Help build the next generation of Keurig customers by establishing the Keurig brewing system as an essential part of the college experience.


“Don’t Just Sit There, Brew Something!” Our concept best illustrates the constant internal conflict every college student faces, the fear of missing Out (FOMO). For today’s college students, this emotion is intensified by everything being related in real-time via social media.

The “Don’t Just Sit There, Brew Something!” campaign was a multi-faceted, experiential program targeted at college millennials across 15 campuses throughout the U.S. encouraging students to get out and BREW SOMETHING, be it through discovery, exploration and/or connecting with peers and colleagues. Keurig proved to play a role in creating college experiences engaging directly and emotionally with students.

Activities Included:

Scooter Cooler Tour-motorized portable Scooter Coolers that provided Keurig demonstrations at large events

Pop Up Cafes- designed to create a student coffee shop experiences through existing events and high traffic areas

Study Break Relief- Promoters surprised and delighted students cramming for midterms with demonstrations

Keurig in the Klassroom- Coordinated visits with professors to ensure the demonstrations were a welcomed addition to the classroom

Morning Brew Klub- Promoters brewed complimentary beverages for a group of influencers

Official Beverage Maker- Promoters selected movers and shakers to win a “Keurig Sponsorship” which included seeding of Keurig brewers and product

Brew a Better World- Promoters tailored programming to raise awareness around Keurig’s commitment to the environment



  • 28,500+ product demonstrations

  • 3.5M social media impressions

  • 32,000+ coupons distributed