Bringing coffee and Coffee-mate to the student masses.


College students love coffee! Bring Coffee-Mate, the market leader in the coffee creamer category, and students’ love of coffee together at Ohio State University, in a test-pilot Finals Week campus takeover, forging an emotional and functional connection.


We built Coffee-mate fans with a larger than life 20’ custom coffee mug and beverage station that students entered to receive complimentary cups of coffee along with their favorite Coffee-mate flavors. The event experience offered students the chance to enjoy a respite from the grind of studying for final exams while re-fueling with a fresh cup o’ joe to keep the momentum moving forward.

Additionally, the event footprint offered heated tented areas for students to doctor up their coffee with their favorite Coffee-mate flavor(s), congregate with peers, charge their cell phone, engage in a “non-blindfolded blind taste test”, and, of course, share their “Flavor Profile” socially.

The installation also served as basecamp for our social media-based delivery service—Coffee-mate on demand. Custom mobile scooters, tricked out with all the coffee essentials and favorite Coffee-mate flavors, were deployed to help fuel the masses by delivering coffee across campus when they were summoned by Tweet request.

Coffee-mate also helped OSU students unwind during finals week with added activities including chair massages, games, snack stations, and more surrounding the campus takeover. #coffeelife


  • 45K total cups of coffee consumed (nearly 1,600 gallons)

  • 696: social media-based location deliveries

  • 10K+ cups of coffee sampled via social media-based delivery

  • 2.1M+ social media impressions

  • 103M+ PR impressions

  • 74%: of OSU students heard or saw the promotion

  • 78%+: of students agreed to search out Coffee-mate for future creamer usage