Fluent is a dedicated college marketing agency. From concept to activation, we help brands understand and engage college Millennial and Gen Z audiences nationwide, both on- and off-campus. Specializing in translating brands for the college world, we build brand strategies and experiences that help brands tell their story.

Fluent’s exclusive partnership with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) provides clients insider access to a network of nearly 1,000 colleges and universities. This unparalleled connection offers visibility and insights to help power integrated marketing solutions. We are the experts and ‘access points’ that clients and agency partners, alike, look to when they need to reach the college audience.

We challenge ourselves to build something different.

Strive to be the bold force that drives informed and authentic connections
between brands and college audiences.

Create diverse solutions that challenge the status quo.

Love and respect the work we do, while supporting the people that do it.

What this means for you? We have a deep understanding of the college audience--we know their passion points, what makes them tick, what’s important to them and how to reach them. As your partner, we use this knowledge, along with direct feedback from college students themselves, to shape progressive marketing solutions that drive results.

Fluent’s University Relations team acts as the central hub for our exclusive marketing partnership with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)--we literally work directly out of the NACA headquarters in Columbia, SC. The goal of Fluent’s University Relations team is to provide rewarding educational and financial opportunities for students and universities through a dedicated focus on connecting and engaging with campuses in meaningful ways.

In support of this mission, we work hand in hand with universities to credibly and seamlessly weave client partners into students’ daily activities and campus life. Through our continued relationships with schools, faculty--and students--from all over the country, our University Relations team drives insights to better understand campus culture ensuring we provide the right guidelines and messaging for students and brands alike.

During the last academic year, Fluent provided almost 2,000 internships that paid over $2 million
to students in all 50 states from 500 schools.

The National Association for Campus Activities is the recognized leader in higher education for providing knowledge, ideas and resources for campus life. NACA provides members with programs and events focusing on student and professional leadership development, program planning, concert management, diversity and more. NACA schools and associate members also have access to one of the largest campus activities networking and talent buying resources in the country.

Established in 1960, NACA has evolved into the nation’s largest collegiate organization for campus activities with nearly 1000 school members.

As the exclusive marketing partner for the National Association for Campus Activities, Fluent offers insider access to tastemakers and trendsetters at nearly 1000 U.S. colleges and universities.

To learn more about NACA or for NACA’S Regional and National Events, click here:

We help brands tell their story to the college audience.

Fluent is a specialized marketing agency, translating brands for the college world. But translating isn’t just selecting from an a la carte menu, it’s about building a strategic plan of engagement that transcends digital and physical boundaries to deliver memorable brand experiences.


Fluent’s exclusive partnership with the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)
provides clients insider access to a network of nearly 1,000 colleges and universities.

Student Translator and Influencer Programs

Campus Event Integration

NACA Events

Student Organizations/Clubs

Campus Media

Greek Life Integration

Intramural and Health Initiatives

Residence Life Integration

Off-Campus Housing Programs


We engage college audiences with immersive experiential marketing programs and events,
both on and off-campus, connecting with students in their daily lives.

Mobile Tours and Events

Event Sponsorships and Activation

College Culture Events

PR Stunts

Campus Event Integration

Greek Life Events

Spring Break

Sampling Programs

Music Events and Tours


Since we focus 100% of our efforts engaging the college audience, we are able to incorporate and customize
the most relevant social media and digital strategies to effectively reach these digital natives.

Digital Strategy Development & Execution

Social Media & Blogger Networks (Student Influencers & Opinion Leaders)

Social Media Insights and Strategy

Mobile Marketing (Geofencing & IP Access Point)

Digital Content Development

Website & App Development

Database Growth & Management

Direct E-mail

Direct E-mail


All of our work for clients is informed by student insights. Then we have the planners, researchers and specialists to inform our development and strategy. Over 100,000 savvy young thought leaders, from our national database, are ready to address the questions brands need answered, near real-time.

Quant & Qual Research Capabilities

Brand Health Surveys

Real-time trend reports and brand studies

Consumption/Usage Studies

Ethnographic Insights

Pre/Post Event Research


We are humble, yet proud of our recent awards for client work, press recognition and authored thought leadership bylines.

We are proud of the varied backgrounds that make us who we are and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that embodies the team. We are: big agency veterans, fresh from college newbies, urban hipsters, passionate storytellers, Millennial marvelists, culture junkies, some Ivy League alum, and even a vegan or two.

We push boundaries. We aren’t “yes” people when a debate is needed. We take chances. But it’s what our clients say about us and our pride in these relationships that is most meaningful.

Chip Rives,

John Schermerhorn,

Darren Ross,
EVP Solutions

Michael Carey,
EVP Director of Client Services

Laura Bundrick,
VP of University Relations

Matt Fasano,
Account Director

Laura Bryant,
Associate Director of University Relations



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Client Relations Inquiries:
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 (857) 202-5521
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University Relations Inquiries:
please contact Laura Bundrick
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